Summertime motivates people to travel a little and enjoy themselves. And it may be even better if they decide to drive to welcoming locations. For Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram owners, summer trips benefit from a little preparation. You want to take care of your car to make sure it’s in perfect shape and skip out on avoidable mechanical problems. At Gengras Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we have excellent summer maintenance specials to help Hartford area customers with their Ram 1500, Chrysler Pacifica, or Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Oil Changes and the Basics

Fundamental care sometimes gets overlooked because it doesn’t involve significant repairs. Very little is as essential as an oil and air filter change, yet failing to do so could total an engine. Our team can take care of oil changes and other basic services thoroughly and efficiently. While checking the oil, we can also check the transmission fluid and the radiator coolant. Any low or dirty fluid can be flushed or changed.

Opening the hood for an oil change also allows checking the belts, hoses, and other engine components. We can also look at exterior parts. Manchester, CT drivers likely also want the wiper blades checked along with the lights. Dim lights are not a good sign, and certainly blown out bulbs aren’t either. Our team can take care of lights, blades, mirrors, and more.

Air Conditioning, Battery, and Electrical Checks

Does your air conditioner work the way it should for the coming heat of summer in Middletown, CT? Drivers won’t want to learn the answer is “No,” when the temperature goes up, and the A/C’s performance fails.

Our team can check out the electrical system connecting to the air conditioner and various other parts. We will double also check your battery to make sure it’s running at peak performance. Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge owners won’t want a battery with diminished capacity or dead cells powering their vehicles.

And checking the electrical system is a worthwhile service. Besides the fuses, a technician can look over the starter, the alternator, the spark plugs, and more.

Brake Inspections

A complete brake inspection, one that goes far beyond a visual check, would be advisable. Dealing with brake problems early can lead to repairs less costly than a complete replacement. Looking at the condition of the rotors, calipers, brake lines, and brake pads allows a technician to make a proper determination. You do not want to drive on worn-out brakes, as doing so may prove highly unsafe. And staying on top of brake services should be a priority when planning on summer travel.

Also, now could be a good time for New Britain, CT drivers to change the brake fluid. Brake fluid might not wear out as quickly as motor oil, but it does break down eventually. Putting new brake fluid in the lines may be beneficial.

Tire Service

Perhaps it would be a good plan to switch your old tires out for summer ones? Doing so could dramatically improve traction on the roads. Drivers want to avoid traveling with cracked sidewalls, blistered rubber, low pressure, and other signs of tire wear. Let our team inspect the tires and give you a rundown on any treadwear or other issues.

It's Time to Visit Our Service Department!

If you want your vehicle ready for the summer, all you have to do is contact our service department in East Hartford to schedule an appointment. We recommend a multi-point inspection to check out your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram vehicle to make sure it receives a thorough inspection. Please ask us about summer maintenance specials, as we want you to save money when caring for your vehicle!

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