Jeep Tire Services Hartford

Jeep Tire Services Hartford

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Nearly everyone knows that there are parts of an automobile that need periodic maintenance in order to run well and make last. Unfortunately, one of the most commonly overlooked items is a vehicle's tires. It's amazing how these critical components receive almost no attention until one goes flat, or it's time for a new set. Let's take a look at the maintenance issues that you should keep in mind to make your car's tires deliver thousands of miles of safe use. Let's start with tire pressure.

How often should I check my tire's air pressure?

You know that tires deflate over time but did you know that up to 25% of the tires on the road today are substantially underinflated? A tire that is not fully inflated to the manufacturer's specification will not only deliver less fuel mileage but can cause undue stress on the tire structure. In addition to a higher failure rate, under inflated tires can also lead to a lack of steering control, particularly in poor weather conditions.

In order to keep tires inflated properly, it is recommended that they should be checked once a month. You probably know that adding air to tires is easy done at most gas stations and convenience stores. If you are uncomfortable with this procedure, certainly stop by the Gengras Express Lane. No appointment is needed!

What about tire rotation?

Tires are made of rubber so they wear out over time. The best way to help ensure that your tires wear evenly is to move them from one location on your car to another, in other words rotate them. When tires are rotated to different wheel locations, they balance out the load which leads to more even tread wear.

What is a full tire alignment?

You should align the wheels on your vehicle periodically. The reason for this is that normal driving subjects your vehicle to lots of stresses and strains (think potholes) and this can cause the relative alignment of your suspension to drift out of alignment. And, when this happens, your tires will wear in irregular patterns and lead to unsafe driving conditions. The solution is to visit a tire service specialist, such as Gengras Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and have one of their alignment specialists take a look to see if an alignment should be performed.

Should I inspect my tire tread periodically?

Yes, it's a good idea to make sure your tire's treads are not only wearing evenly but there is enough tread to provide good traction. If your tires wear down enough so they are "bald," you have a real safety hazard on your hands. If you see your tires are wearing down significantly, it's best to take your vehicle to a tire service specialist and ask for their opinion.

Expert tire service in East Hartford, CT

Paying attention to the condition of your tires will help protect your auto investment and maintain your vehicle's safety. The folks at Gengras Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are experts in all facets of tire maintenance and vehicle alignment.  Keep your vehicle in top performance and safety with our team. Feel free to schedule an appointment for us to have a look at your vehicle at your convenience.


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